Cello Abbey, British and Irish music for cello and orchestra

I am very happy to present my new recording project Cello Abbey, which will
include a World Premiere by the Irish composer Ina Boyle (composed in
1913), Sir Edward Elgar and Sir William Walton.
As you might know, since a few years, the CD industry is having a
tough time. Nevertheless, it remains important for musicians to
release recordings of quality in order to spread their music, and this
is why even well established artists have to cover part of the costs
of their recording projects. Normaly, a few big companies and trusts
are beeing involved as sponsors, as it was the case for my first two
CDs. But for this CD, I decided to try a more personal approach of
funding: I would like to involve my public in the realisation of this
project. It is why I created a crowdfunding page!
It works easily: if you find this project interesting, you can support
it in a few clicks and with any amount starting starting with 1
Euro/Pound! On top of receiving rewards for your generosity, you will
be kept up to date for all events linked to the realisation of this
project, from sneak-peak videos of the general rehearsal to the
invitation to the release concert! Don’t hesitate to contact me
personally if you have specific questions.

I look forward to share this exciting experience with you!